Budget, Finance, Audit & Investments Committee

Joel Cavaness

Committee Charter

The Budget, Finance, Audit & Investments Committee assists the Board in overseeing the Association’s long-term financial health. The Committee oversees the budget process, periodic financial reporting and the annual audit. In addition, the Committee assists the Association staff in managing Association assets, including its investments.

2016-2017 Committee Members

Gerald Ayash, Western World/Validus Group
Kyle Bolls, Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas
Tony Constanzo, XS Brokers
James Damonte, Hallmark Financial Svcs.
Craig Hawkins, OneBeacon Insurance Group
Keith Hinson, SLB Insurance Group of LA
Duffy Koller, AmTrust E&S Insurance Services
Doug Krumrey, AXIS Insurance
Doug Lang, Western World/Validus Group
Ravi Patel, Hallmark Insurance Services, Inc.
Patrick Porter, MUSIC
Jennifer Sanes, Bass Underwriters, Inc.
Lee Sjostrom, RSUI
Thom Smith, Sullivan Brokers
Snezana Stanisic,Outsource Insurance Professionals, Inc.
Andy Swenson, Zurich

Committee Staff Support

Brady Kelley
Greta Roberts

2016-2017 Committee Goals & Action Items

  1. Review Committee Charter
  2. Review NAPSLO Financial Reporting and Governance Practices
  3. Review Summary of 2016-2017 Budget
  4. Appoint 2016-2017 Financial Review Subcommittee - Kyle Bolls, Tony Constanzo, James Damonte, Keith Hinson, Duffy Koller, Doug Krumrey, Doug Lang, Ravi Patel, Patrick Porter, Snezana Stanisic, Andy Swenson
    The Financial Review Subcommittee will review NAPSLO’s financial statements on a quarterly basis to include, January 31, April 30 and July 31, and work with NAPSLO staff to address any questions or financial reporting issues that may arise. The NAPSLO Board will continue to receive the financial statements on the same quarterly schedule. 
  5. Appoint 2016-2017 Investments Review Subcommittee - Gerald Ayash, Craig Hawkins, Jennifer Sanes, Lee Sjostrum, Thom Smith
    The Investment Review Subcommittee will review NAPSLO’s monthly investment reports from NAPSLO’s investment manager, Bradley, Foster and Sargent (BFS). The Subcommittee will oversee NAPSLO’s adherence to the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) approved by the NAPSLO Board in September 2013.

Committee Materials

Committee materials are available through the NAPSLO mobile app for Committee members.