Membership & Ethics Committee

Dave Obenauer

Committee Charter

The Membership & Ethics Committee’s mission is to recommend new members to the Board of Directors according to the schedule selected by the Board each calendar year. This will include recommendations for voting members: Wholesale Broker/Agent members, Company members, and Underwriting Manager members as well as non-voting members: Associate members, Life members and Honorary members.

2016-2017 Committee Members 

Kevin Bolger, AFCO
Andrew Bown, RFIB Group Limited
Robert Cecconi, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions 
Jim Dowdy, RSG Underwriting Managers LLC
Ross Driscoll, National E&S Insurance, Inc. 
Marsh Duncan, Colony Insurance Company 
Steve R. Franke, Nationwide E&S/Specialty 
Lindy Gardner, Admiral Insurance Company 
Michael Hattaway, Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. 
William Hildebrand, GCube Insurance Services 
Timothy P. Hochkeppel, Western World/Validus Group 
Marie Hohensee, Lane & Associates, Inc. 
Robert C. Itzinger, RT Specialty
Michael James, Chesterfield Insurance Brokers 
Neil Kessler, CRC Dallas 
Carlton Maner, AXIS Insurance
Melissa Mears, AmWINS
Craig Perloff, Bass Underwriters, Inc. 
William H. Sessions, Southern Alabama Insurance 
Jeff M. Short, Brown & Riding Insurance 
Van N. Spanos, Great American Insurance Group 
Eric Stuckman, Worldwide Facilities, LLC

Committee Staff Support

Greta Roberts

2016-2017 Committee Goals & Action Items

  1. Review the Nondisclosure Policy to protect all confidential and proprietary information provided to NAPSLO by its members and/or potential members, and oversee the distribution of this policy to all NAPSLO Committee members for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. 
  2. Review and consider revisions to the current membership applications as needed in an effort to more clearly define the minimum criteria and data submission requirements for applicants.
  3. Review NAPSLO's membership categories and definitions to ensure that they remain current and relevant with respect to the current operations and business models of NAPSLO member firms. 
  4. Provide additional updates and enhancements as needed to the procedures to assist new Committee members. 
  5. Continue to use the Member Management Portal to enhance the membership dues payment, membership directory update process, and collection of membership demographic information to enhance NAPSLO’s messaging about its membership and the importance of the surplus lines industry.
  6. Consider all new applications for membership throughout the year.

Committee Materials

Committee materials are available through the NAPSLO mobile app for Committee members.