WSIA & Lloyd's in the U.S.

WSIA is a professional insurance trade association and does not write insurance, although its members work with retail insurance agents to help meet customer's insurance needs. Lloyd's is an insurance marketplace based in the United Kingdom where Lloyd's syndicates and brokers write insurance.

Placing Insurance Through Lloyd's

A number of WSIA members represent Lloyd's and can write insurance utilizing the Lloyd's market. Consumers can locate a WSIA member in their area who can refer them to a retail insurance agent they work with in order to start the process. Using the Member Locator, enter your state or your zip code, then select Broker/Agent and hit SEARCH. A list of members in your area will be displayed. Not all WSIA member brokers represent Lloyd's and the insurance may be able to be written through a U.S. carrier.

Lloyd's Questions & Claims

If you have questions or are filing a claim concerning a policy underwritten through Lloyd's, contact the insurance agent in the United States that initiated the policy. For more information, Lloyd's has outlined procedures to deal with claims.

If the name of the agent is unknown or unavailable, you can contact the toll-free Lloyd’s America Helpline at 866.264.2533 or e-mail for assistance.