Security and Transportation


Our first priority is the safety of WSIA attendees. The best way to be safe is to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid situations where you feel uncomfortable. 

Security Outside Hotel - Clean & Safe Safety Ambassadors 
Clean & Safe Safety Ambassadors enhance and complement the City of San Diego's Police Department. Safety Ambassadors act as an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement and property owners and respond to service calls in a matter of minutes. Safety ambassadors help to:
  • Deter aggressive panhandling and other nuisance behavior
  • Assist with directions and information
  • Maintain open communications with police to report ongoing issues
  • Add a presence in Downtown to prevent undesirable behavior
  • Provide safety escort services
Security Tips
  • Do not answer the door in a hotel room without verifying who it is. 
  • When returning to your hotel at night, use the main entrance of the hotel and look around before entering parking lots. 
  • Close your hotel door securely with all available locks when you enter your room. 
  • Place all valuables in the hotel safe. 
  • Know your destination and the best way to reach it. 
  • Travel along well-lit routes and don't walk alone if possible. Don't be distracted by your cell phone or headphones. 
  • Remove your meeting badge outside the hotels.
  • Establish a “buddy” system with another meeting attendee; share schedules and check up on each other periodically.
  • Do not give money to panhandlers. Monetary solicitation is illegal in the downtown convention area. 
  • Laptop computers are attractive, easy targets for thieves. Be sure your laptop is in a secure place. 


San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field) is located 2.7 miles from the Marketplace hotels, which is approximately a 10-minute drive. Please follow the signs to Ground Transportation and Baggage Claim to access Super Shuttle taxis, Uber and Lyft transportation to the hotels. 

Car Services

Uber and Lyft
Uber and Lyft car services are well-established in San Diego and with access to service San Diego's airport. You can download the Uber and Lyft apps and have car service in minutes.

Taxi Services
Taxicab stands are located at the airport, Marketplace hotels, attractions and shopping centers. Base fare and rates are displayed on the meter and include a flag drop charge plus a per-mile and/or a per-hour charge. If you are traveling from the airport they will also add $1.50 to your final total.  

Limousine Services
The concierge desk at the Hyatt or Marriott can assist in any group transportation needs. 

Manchester Grand Hyatt Concierge Desk

Marriott Marquis San Diego Concierge Desk