Annual Marketplace Mobile App

How to download and access the app

How to maximize the app

  • UPDATE YOUR PROFILE | Once you have logged into the app, you can update your profile photo and add additional information to your personal bio that would like other attendees to be able to view.
  • SEARCH THE ATTENDEE LIST | The attendee list is available as a PDF or in a searchable format. You can search on a variety of fields including,  first or last name, company, member type, lines of business, etc. 
  • SEND MESSAGES | You can communicate with other attendees in the app by sending private messages. 
  • CHECK THE SCHEDULE | The complete Annual Marketplace schedule is available in the app, with locations and mapping to help you find your way. 
  • VISIT CLUB and PROGRAM TABLES | You can view a list of firms with reserved Club Tables or Program Tables and learn more about them by browsing the materials they have shared in their virtual table in the app.
  • BROWSE MEMBER PRIVATE FUNCTIONS LISTING | Member firm private meeting rooms, receptions and suites are listed in the app. 

Detailed instructions for maximizing the app are are available here