Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables 

WSIA member firms may reserve up to two Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables for their exclusive use during Underwriting Summit.  Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables offer firms the opportunity to have an in-platform branded presence and the ability to customize the Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table to best fit your needs and promote your firm during the event to other registered participants. Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables are available to any member firm, including program specialists and will also be utilized as vendor tables. 

Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables will include the ability to:

  • Connect with other registered participants by accepting in-platform meeting requests, or request future meeting requests made through the Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table and chat features. 
  • Staff a Zoom-based Virtual Lobby at your Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table, where other participants can enter to video chat. 
  • Move participants from the Virtual Lobby to a private Zoom meeting. You can create up to 50 separate, private meeting rooms, with up to 500 total participants at any time
  • Brand a firm-specific webpage within the WSIA Underwriting Summit with your firm logo and contact information as well as links to your website and social media platforms if you desire. 
  • Provide contact information and photos of firm professionals who will be key contacts accessible to any participant requesting information or meetings with your firm.
  • Make firm marketing materials available to other registered participants who "visit" the page. This can include videos, brochures and other documents, and you can customize this content to best leverage the table.
  • Capture virtual leads from visitors to your Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table. These analytics include contact information for participants who have requested additional information through your Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table as well as information about how many registered participants visit your page.

How to Reserve and Leverage Your Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table
  • Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables can be reserved during the registration process for $500 each.  Tables are for the sole use of the registering firm. 
  • WSIA will provide detailed instructions to firms who reserve tables to begin the development process for those webpages. It is important for you to provide us with requested information as soon as possible after the request in order to have timely online access to your Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table. 
  • If your firm purchased a Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table during Annual Marketplace, the WSIA Team can duplicate your table information for ease of setup. 
  • The Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables are offered in the platform to use in the same manner as a Club, Program or Vendor Table. 
  • WSIA will host a practice session for firms who reserve tables in advance of the event, and you can access detailed FAQs and this how-to webinar video to get the most out of your Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table. 
  • Virtual Brokers' Lounge Table administrators are encouraged to actively staff their Virtual Meeting Room Lobby each day from noon - 2:00 p.m. ET.
  • Private Zoom-based meetings can be held in breakout rooms at Virtual Brokers' Lounge Tables anytime from 7:30 a.m. ET - 8:00 p.m. ET each day. 
  • Contact Chelsea Lenhart, [email protected], for additional information.